dating advice: Greatest Online dating Recommendations and also Suggestions regarding Women of all ages

Fortunately, there are many young people who recognize the value of waiting for a serious relationship and, moreover, in God. A courtship in which He is the center, therefore, seeks to be guided by the experience of true love. Motivating everyone who wants to persevere along this path, I list 10 useful pieces of advice based on my life experience that I would like to share:

1) Decision: to know why and why you want to wait for such a dating. Keep real motives in your heart and remember them in the most difficult moments.

2) Trust in God: you need to trust Him. The decision should not stop at an idea, but be accompanied by action. This attitude of delivering your desire into the hands of the Father, who knows what is best for us at the right time.

3) Having the Virgin Mary as a confidant: what does a mother not do for a child? Which mother wouldn’t give that “way” to talk to the father? Whenever I talk about it with another young person, I challenge him: “Why not write a letter to Our Lady, covering everything you expect from dating?” Write for real and give it to her. She will give it to the Father. I am living proof of that!

4) Self-knowledge: the age of “bachelorhood” is adequate to know yourself and to be better as a person. Also to better understand the vocation that is reserved for him.

5) Strengthen yourself in the faith: this is always very valuable. Many fruits are seen in the person as they will be in the future relationship.

6) Serving God: leads us to our vocation and helps exceptionally with holiness. It comforts us in waiting, gives us pleasure in giving ourselves for our brother and heals us inwardly from our bad inclinations.

7) Good friendships: they are essential in these circumstances. They support us in choosing, encourage us, share life with us and direct us towards good environments. A beautiful relationship can arise from them; after all, boyfriends must be great friends.

8) Taking care of your own garden: time to think deeply about your studies, work and family. Take root in what is really essential and touch life.

9) Renounce: what the world offers, such as empty relationships, unruly sex, distorted attitudes among other things that can make us deviate from the path of God.

10) Become a testimony of life to others: God’s promises are fulfilled. Many can confirm this; I’m one of them. Believe me: a wonderful dating is waiting for you. Hold tight!

Today, I am dating a virtuous girl, who loves God very much. I am living unforgettable days with her. Many joys, sorrows, victories and defeats. Brothers and sisters, it’s worth the wait! Only the Lord knows what will happen from now on. However, I cannot deny that all of this is a unique experience and that you, like me, will say: “It is really good!”.

Many things could be said, perhaps even more important than those mentioned in the text, but these were the ones that were in my heart.

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