dating advice: Greatest Internet dating Guidelines along with Guidance regarding Women of all ages

The truth is that the vast majority of people have not yet understood very well what the important phase of dating is for.

For many, dating is simply having a loving relationship with someone else. For us, however, dating goes far beyond kisses and holding hands.

With that in mind, we’ve made a list of 14 Dating Advice below that will help you understand the basis for a solid relationship with a future.

If you are in a serious relationship and dream of getting married, this article was made especially for you!

Friendship is one of the pillars of a solid relationship. Friendship brings the couple closer together, in addition to allowing them to have a lighter and safer relationship.

Dating is the ideal time to align expectations between a couple. So do not be afraid, talk about dreams, values, beliefs, religion, fears, taboos, desires, money … in short, everything you deem necessary and important for your future life.

There are couples who spend YEARS dating without ever touching any of these subjects. Others, even having been together for a long time, can’t even mention the word marriage, can you believe it?

It seems super obvious, right? But believe me, many couples date without even knowing what the other wants. That’s why advice number 2 is so important! How about going back and rereading that advice more carefully?

The more dreams and values ​​a couple shares, the greater the chances of the relationship working out. For that way, the greater the connection to a possible common life in the future.

When you date someone who wants the same as you, it saves you time and frustration. You make it very clear what the purpose of the relationship is and what is being done to achieve that dream.

You don’t have to be the same, much less agree on everything, but remember that it is important that you want to walk in the same direction. It will certainly make a difference.

Remember the previous advice? Did you realize that your dreams are incompatible? That you are walking in opposite directions? Who want different things?

Of course, it is not easy to end a relationship, because together with dating, dreams, expectations go… but believe me, continuing in a relationship that has no future will be much worse!

It is usually the most difficult situations that teach us the most. Sometimes it is necessary to make room for what you have always dreamed of.

Do not wait for the engagement or a wedding to find out that you want different things from life, especially because getting married does not mean exchanging a pair of rings, but the commitment to live a life together.

Oh and attention: this is a two-way street. It is a team effort. If you respect and are not respected, I’m sorry, you are paddling alone.

We live in a generation of values ​​so distorted, that when we find the minimum, it seems that we are finding the maximum ”.

Don’t date for dating. Don’t date for want. Don’t date by status. Don’t date by pressure.

Date with the intention of finding the love of your life. Only then can you build a relationship that is truly worthwhile.

Everything you want to do to succeed will require effort on your part. Good dating is no different.

What you get from your relationship is how much you invest in it. So invest good things. Cultivate affection, kindness, attention, patience … in short, invest a lot of love in this relationship.

But never pretend to be what you are not. Be true, always. Even because it is like they say “one hour the mask falls”.

Do not believe this story that jealousy is the spice of love. Despite being a natural feeling, it can be highly harmful to your relationship.

Jealousy is usually associated with insecurity, lack of confidence and even possession. It is important to work on these issues internally.

If you don’t have a secure relationship, if you don’t trust your partner, then I believe it is time for you to rethink whether it is worth continuing in that relationship or not.

Love does not always need reciprocity to emerge, but it undoubtedly depends on it to survive.

Problems will always arise, so don’t let the first obstacle stop you from building a future together.

Love lives on small details. Together, they are bigger than you think. A kiss, a compliment, an affection. Love is made up of little pieces of affection.

Look for someone who shares the same principles as you, who embraces your dreams, who encourages you. Look for a real partner to share a lifetime ahead of you.

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